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Avebury Landscape Tour

This all day walking tour of the Avebury Landscape starts in Avebury Village where Don will give an introduction to the site. We then start to explore the stones themselves and discover that the “Michael and Mary” energy lines criss-cross each other as they pass through the monument.

After visiting the Avebury Circle we walk across the landscape to view Silbury Hill, the largest man-made monument in Europe. Built by our Neolithic ancestors over 5000 years ago, Silbury Hill still keeps its secrets hidden, despite tunnels and shafts being dug into it over the years.

Our next stop is at the Swallow Head Spring. When flowing, the Swallow Head Spring is bursting with energy as it comes out of the ground. The trees around are often festooned with offerings to the spirits. We then follow an energy line from the spring towards the Neolithic Long Barrow of West Kennet. In use as a burial mound for hundreds of years yet only 47 human remains were excavated. Were these people the elite and where are everybody else buried or cremated?

After our visit to West Kennet we re-join the Avebury Avenue to literally walk in the “footsteps of our ancestors” back to Avebury Village to end our day.