© National Trust/James Dobson

Mysteries of Glastonbury

Of all the three all-day walking tours offered Glastonbury is possibly the most mysterious of them all. Shrouded in myths and legends Glastonbury still attracts many visitors attempting to unravel some of the secrets of the sites. Starting with a tour of the Abbey grounds Don will attempt to explain some of the legends of the Holy Grail, Joseph of Arimathea, the visit of the young Jesus Christ  and the burial place of King Arthur! If permitted Don will demonstrate by dowsing where the early Christian churches were within the abbey grounds.

We then walk to Wearyall Hill, a site, according to legend, where Joseph of Arimathea rested after arriving by ship from a trading mission. Again the legends tell us the he placed his staff into the ground here which immediately started to flower… this became the first Glastonbury Thorn.

Many energy lines converge from all over Britain at Glastonbury. One very powerful energy line passes along the ridge of Wearyall Hill heading towards the Glastonbury Tor, our next stop.

Standing like a mountain the Glastonbury Tor soars above the Somerset Levels. This mysterious place has attracted pilgrims for centuries. Don was fortunate to be a founder member of the Pendragon Society, a Dark Age Research Society that excavated many of the dark Age sites of Southern Britain including Glastonbury Tor and Abbey. On the Tor, evidence of an early Christian church was discovered as well as some graves of the early monks that worshipped here.

Walking around the remains of the church placed upon the summit of the Tor Don will demonstrate just how many energy lines meet here – an amazing experience.

We then walk back down to the site of two springs, both have been worshipped for their healing properties over the centuries. Both springs (the red and white) have different water sources but converge almost next to each other. We shall visit Chalice Well Peace Garden and view the Chalice Well itself before we end our day back in Glastonbury itself.